June 10, 2024 • General

Last week we attended the Home Delivery World USA conference. It was a great learning opportunity from those in the retail logistics sector. A big priority of many attendees was strategic partnerships to service niche moves and forward-thinking projects. 

At the conference, we found an emphasis on first, middle, and last mile deliveries. We have extensive experience in first mile deliveries and middle mile injections. This allows us to service clients’ needs outside of FTL or LTL shipments. Also, with our strategic partnerships, we are able to provide white glove services on last mile moves.

As well, companies at the conference continually looked toward the future of transportation. Much was discussed, including finished vehicles, vehicle parts, and electric vehicles. We are heavily involved in the shipment of finished vehicles, sprinter vans, box trucks, and buses.

The big push we saw was for the inclusion of electric vehicles in fleets, as well as moving parts to create them. We look forward to creating a greener future. And, we are happy to get involved within the logistics and transportation sector. 

Home Delivery World USA was a great experience, aligning well with our values and services. 2 days well spent!