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When it comes to capacity, intermodal shipping complements and enhances the services you already rely on. A combination of short-haul trucking and longer haul rail shipments can often provide our customers significant cost savings. Have our experts analyze your network to find where you can save money and/or increase efficiency with intermodal shipments. Whether you need to move spot freight in a tough lane or need peak season coverage, we can help you explore creative solutions with our intermodal carrier partners.

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What to Expect

When you connect with FSL regarding your intermodal needs you will be assigned a dedicated account executive to develop custom-fit solutions to help increase efficiencies across your supply chain. Your account executive will work with you to utilize the cost-effective benefits of intermodal transportation to strategize the ideal shipping of your freight.

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FSL will help you explore intermodal capacity, pricing and opportunities configured by a single point-of-contact who can service your business needs across a more diversified network.

By incorporating intermodal service into your supply chain, you can gain more options for moving shipments. Utilizing FSL’s intermodal and rail services means you can:

  • Improve efficiency and manage spend by building a route neutral shipping strategy that is based on your freight.
  • Access intermodal rail container capacity—surge, spot, or committed.
  • Leverage our Class 1 Railroad relationships so you are not dependent on specific railroads.
  • Trust dedicated experts from FSL to help analyze your intermodal and rail shipping data for continuous improvements.

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What Items Can Be Shipped Via Intermodal Service?

While the products shipped can vary greatly, some of the more common items are:

Dry Grocery Goods

Food Ingredients

Bulk Metals


Nuts and Spices

Rubber and Plastic