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FSL specializes in full truckload shipping. We work with all industries ranging from food and beverage to hazardous materials. Our dry van truckload services get your products delivered anywhere in North America, whether on a contractual or spot order basis.

Our broad industry knowledge and extensive carrier network positions FSL as a premier dry van service provider. Our industry expertise allows us to optimize carriers and routes for your freight regardless of origin or destination. Given the paramount importance of timing when shipping your products, it is important to select a seasoned team like FSL.

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What to Expect

When you connect with FSL regarding your dry van needs you will be assigned a dedicated account executive. Your account executive will start by reviewing your current and anticipated shipping needs. After a comprehensive review of your shipping needs, we will develop custom-fit solutions to help increase efficiencies across your supply chain.

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Through rigorous carrier requirements and protocols, we have an established and extensive network of carrier partners. We secure capacity with the safest and most reliable trucking companies in the industry. This allows us to safely move your freight anywhere throughout North America.

Additonal Dry Van Services

Same-day shipping

Expedited freight

Shipment pairing

Drop trailers

Power-Only services

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What Items Can Be Shipped Via Dry Van Service?

While the products shipped can vary greatly, some of the more common items are:

Retail & Apparel

Food & Beverage

Hazardous Material

Paperboard Products

Bulk Plastics

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We have run into issues with brokers returning loads or failing to pick up shipments due to inaccurate quoting and/or shifts in market volatility. How can FSL ensure that we do not experience the same issues on our time-sensitive shipments?

At FSL we have a NO LOADS RETURNED policy. It is a corporate policy that once a load is tendered (and subsequently accepted by FSL), we will NEVER voluntarily return it back to our client to recover. Yes, FSL will assume a financial loss on loads when necessary.

Clients typically run into issues because their broker is either uneducated on current market dynamics or not providing honest and timely feedback with respect to their shipments. If difficult situations arise, we are upfront about them and discuss them with our clients immediately. Our NO LOADS RETURNED policy ensures that our incentives are aligned. If the cost of solutions rises after a load is tendered to FSL, it is FSL that absorbs the difference in cost, not our client.

We want to optimize our shipping costs but do not want to sacrifice service. Can FSL propose solutions that would accomplish these objectives?

While we do not promise to provide the least expensive service, we do promise to provide premier customer service. Cost is always an important factor, but our number one priority is to safely deliver your products on time, in great condition and without issue. If cost is the primary focus, we will develop creative solutions wherever possible to help mitigate excess spend.

I have a shipment to send out but I don’t know if it can fit into one truck or if it needs to be broken up into several. Can FSL help me determine how I need to arrange my shipment?

At FSL, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge across the industry. We are happy to help you determine how best to ship your product safely and efficiently. If you can provide the dimensions and weight of your product, your FSL account executive can help you determine how best to ship it.