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Throughout the course of any LTL shipment, you can expect your product to be loaded and unloaded in-and-out of trailers and warehouses several times before it reaches its final destination. Though most LTL shipments are delivered in perfect condition, the increased handling means greater exposure to potential product damage compared to truckload. Therefore it’s important to partner with a trusted transportation provider when planning your LTL shipments.

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What to Expect

When you connect with FSL regarding your LTL needs you will be assigned a dedicated account executive to develop custom-fit solutions to help increase efficiencies across your supply chain. Your account executive can also help assess the cost-saving abilities of LTL shipping across all your freight. With the specificities of LTL shipping, we provide real-time tracking, so you can see where your freight is every step of the way.

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Our LTL department has relationships with the largest LTL providers in the industry. FSL can leverage these relationships to offer account-specific pricing, expedited LTL, white glove service, and much more. Once you provide your shipping details and product description to your account executive, we can determine whether to parcel the shipment via LTL or utilize product matching methods to ship out as a partial.

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What Items Can Be Shipped Via LTL Service?

While the products shipped can vary greatly, some of the more common items are:

Auto Parts


Packaging Materials


Toys and Furniture