May 14, 2024 • General

The environment continues to be impactful on all industries, but logistics and transportation have seen major initiatives for sustainability in the recent years.

With Clients:

  • Work with EPA SmartWay Partners
  • Sustainable packaging/shipping materials
  • Salvaging/donating damaged product 
  • Investing in warehousing and distribution technological advancements

With Carriers:

  • Use of low-emission vehicles
  • Practice fuel efficiency 
  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Adhering to route requirements to reduce idle time

With Brokers:

  • Vetting for sustainable carrier partners
  • Utilizing technology to prevent shipping error and disorganization
  • Scheduling shipment routes to peak efficiency
  • Providing clients environmentally friendly shipping options

In 2024 and beyond, FSL commits to doing our part to reduce the impact that logistics and transportation has on our environment. 

Full Sail Logistics is a proud EPA SmartWay Partner (Partner ID 26102912)