May 23, 2024 • General, Why FSL?

With the summer comes a busier season for all of us in logistics and transportation. At Full Sail Logistics, the summer is where we shine!

As peak seasons across produce and construction come into full swing, so do contract tender rejection. This is where we step in. To alleviate last-minute fall-offs, production delays and pushes, and costly spot rates, we offer the following solutions to our clients:

  • Last Mile Delivery
    • For those loads that need to arrive to the customer immediately, we can accommodate those moves from warehouse to customer for you. 
  • Partial Matching
    • We can coordinate with your or our existing LTL shipments to offer LTL pricing on moves to reduce costs that can occur with FTL moves. 
  • Expedited Moves
    • If time is of the essence, we have the ability to expedite moves as needed on dry vans, flatbeds, reefers, straight trucks, and more. 
  • Sprinter Vans and Straight Trucks
    • If there is the ability to utilize different methods of transport, particularly on smaller moves, we will do it to provide cost-saving shipping solutions. 
  • LTL Shipments
    • LTL can be the most affordable option if you are not in need of product immediately. We offer daily tracking updates on all your LTL moves, as well as access to any LTL providers’ tracking portals. Visibility and transparency is key here. 
  • Specialized and Niche Shipping
    • Beyond standard shipments, we have great experience in autorack moves, heavy-hauling, and oversized loads. If your needs are more niche, we are able to do it all!
  • Price Comparisons
    • If you’re interested in simply seeing if we can save you money, we are happy to provide pricing on any and all projects and shipments. We are also able to quote you with multiple transportation options in mind, if you would like to try different methods of shipping. 
  • Spot, Seasonal, or Contracted Rates
    • If you are in need of capacity to take over when production is booming or current providers are unable to accommodate surges, we can provide you pricing on a spot basis, seasonal basis, or contracted basis. We’re happy to help in all capacities. 

Let the summer begin! And be sure to reach out to Full Sail Logistics to make it your best summer yet.