October 30, 2020 • General

Do you parcel out your shipments to multiple providers? While we understand the inclination to take this approach, we believe there are superior options if lowering operating costs is the goal. With a volume-based pricing solution your business will save on shipping costs.

1.) FSL’s TruckRate+ solution provides complete transparency. We charge “truck rate” (what driver receives) + a set brokerage margin ($ per load) so that our incentives are truly aligned. This program delivers lower long-term costs than what your business would otherwise incur. In this arrangement, both parties work together without conflicts of interest.

2.) Your business saves a significant amount of time by eliminating the constant bidding process and all headaches associated with it.

3.) Your business receives lower pricing as FSL will commit steady volume to a high-quality carrier network. By providing carriers higher volume we can lower long-term pricing on your behalf. With a fixed $ arrangement all cost savings are passed back to the customer.

4.) Eliminate inter-broker competition and associated price increases. For customers that use multiple brokerages, it is common for multiple brokers to post the same loads on multiple load boards. This sends an incorrect message to carriers that there are multiple loads coming from the same origin and going to the same destination. As a result, carriers demand more money as the lane appears to have higher volume than it actually does. This illusion inadvertently puts upward pressure on pricing.

5.) Far more stable and predictable financial projections.

6.) Eliminate “dropped loads.” When a broker misquotes a load and waits until the last minute to inform you, it puts your business in a very costly and vulnerable position. FSL’s TruckRate+ solution eliminates this issue entirely.

7.) Guaranteed capacity at reasonable prices.