February 23, 2024 • General

Technology has become crucial to the operations of logistics and supply chain, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. The key to success is adapting to and adopting these technological advancements.

In the continuation of our industry-leading technology, Full Sail Logistics proudly adapts to the following advancements: 

Warehouses are pushing for virtual check-ins for drivers

  • Eliminates the need to ask for driver information
  • Creates a system of consistent drivers on lanes
  • Speeds up the check-in process

Clients want 100% of loads to be on tracking

  • Sets a standard of transparency between client and carrier
  • Allows visibility of freight at all times
  • Clients don’t have to ask for updates

Automation in all sectors continues

  • Outreach for quoting becomes less monitored
  • Personal touches are more valued
  • Eases client needs during the lifecycle of a load

A.I. is here to stay

  • Client/Carrier relationships are more important than ever
  • Frees up time for long-term and short-term tasks
  • Maintaining and retaining clients becomes relationship-based