April 25, 2024 • Why FSL?

Education doesn’t stop at any point in our careers. Oftentimes, the best educational resources are our clients themselves. 

It is up to us to become experts on current clients, and that can be a hands-on experience with client visits. A recent visit to one of our clients allowed us to see and handle the equipment we were heavy-hauling for them.

Ultimately, the more we educate ourselves on our current clients, the better we can serve our prospective clients. We are determined to stand out in service and knowledge, but it is no easy task. We’re willing to do it!

Our paths to education and success include:

  • Learning the nuances of niche markets
    • Whether it be heavy-hauling, autoracks, oversized, or other niche transportation needs, we are determined to be experts in the room.
  • Making that connection
    • We connect with clients on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date on the people, companies, and trends they interact with, along with establishing a connection outside of our emails. 
  • Visiting clients
    • In order to see exactly what we’re shipping and meet with the people we ship for. To learn about clients’ needs in a way we can’t over the phone or email. 
  • Becoming experts in safety
    • Understanding safety measures is a blind spot for many carriers and brokers. We stick out from the bunch by being the go-to for keeping a client’s product safe.

Learning more doesn’t just help us today but helps us tomorrow. We are dedicated to keeping the cycle of success going by staying informed on clients’ needs. Doing this is how our service becomes “above and beyond.”